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How to Study For The Amateur Radio Licenses

You will get as many suggestions for studying for the Amateur Radio License exams as the people you ask. I can only share my experiences with you. When I began to prepare for the tests I purchased the ARRL study guides. Personally, I found them less than useful for passing the test, but they did introduce me to many terms I was not familiar with. Here Google came to the rescue. Things have changed a bit since I first took these exams. There are study aids that were not available years ago. Several use online Flash Cards. The following is an example of one I like. It is free. You can register or use it as a guest. If you register, it will remember where you left off. It will not only help you pass the test, you will learn something about radio in the process.

You can find the question and answer pool for all tests online at ARRL Question Pool I downloaded all 300 plus questions and answers for each exam and read through them. Again, if there was something that didn't make sense, I Googled it. Sometimes that helped. :-)
Finally, after getting a little knowledge under my belt I started taking tests on QRZ. There are other sites that offer simulated tests based on the current question pool, but I liked QRZ's. You may have to register, but there is no charge. QRZ is also useful for looking up other hams. When you start to get in scores in the nineties you are ready to sit for the test.
It is to your advantage to get to know other hams. Our club meets the first Monday of every month. You are more than welcome to join us. The location is the Parkview Baptist Church, across the street from the Emergency entrance of the Lakeland Hospital. Park on the grassy field across the street. Coffee and snacks begin around 5:30, with the formal meeting starting at 7. Come early. This will give you a chance to socialize with other hams. I think you will find we are a friendly bunch. Bring your questions.

Bill Johnson Secretary Lakeland amateur Radio Club (LARC)
Home phone 863-853-8543
Cell phone 863-216-6554
Call sign KI4ZMV

PS One thing I've noticed after being a member of LARC for over ten years is that you are only a stranger once. If you think Amateur radio might be for you, you will not find a more accepting and accommodating crowd of folks to support you. Everyone has something they are good at and wants to share. Some members are big on CW. Old as it is, it is still one of the most reliable ways of communicating. Others will tell you digital is the way to go, and still others will tell you they just like to talk on the radio. I don't think you will find two hams who will give you the same answer why they became hams. Technology aside, being a ham is a social thing. We enjoy whatever aspect of the hobby we are most interested in, but more importantly the company of like minded individuals.

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