The Rich List

The following is a list of vendors who carry stuff that is of interest to Amateur Radio Operators.
If you locate a hard to find item, please share it with the rest of us. Even if your goal is not to share,
at least you will have a place to look, when you forget where you put that information. :-)

For aluminum parts- Aluminum Supply, Inc 30 North Nashfille Ave. Orlando, Fl 32805
Hours 8:00 - 4:00 M-F

There is an extensive list of local parts suppliers on the Zephyr Hills Website.
Thank you John KK4ITX

From Matthew Orlando Rohn distributor
Local phone:
(321) 304-0884

Guy rope:
Not local, but inexpensive.

Toroids and other small parts:


Wire (and just about anything else you might need):
Skycraft Parts and Surplus
+1 (407) 628-5634
Fairbanks Avenue, in Winter Park.

Amateur Electronic Supply (AES) Orlando:
+1 (800) 327-1917

Max Gain Systems (good prices on fiberglass, RF connectors, etc.)

Thank you Matthew KK4FEM

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